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The Dwinguler Castle is a very spacious (2,4m x 1,5m) and robust playpen. The rounded edges reduce the danger of injury. The safe door-lock makes sure the children stay inside. It is stable and easy to assemble (and dissassemble). It is 78,3cm high at its peak - making it one of the highest available playpens on the market. It comes in 2 different colour variations (Rainbow and Caramel) to match the ambience of your environment. A Large Dwinguler Playmat fits exactly into the Castle creating a soft and safe playground. As all other Dwinguler products the Castle has been tested and certified to assure 100% lack of harmful substances and match the European and US toy safety standards. In addition the Dwinguler Castle can be extended using an Extension Kit to fit 2 Large Playmats!

The BABY CARE Playpen is 2,19m x 1,47m large, 63,0cm high and fits to a large BABY CARE Playmat. The door is secured by a dual lock that needs to be pressed in order to open. The panels are protected on top by panel holders to provide more stability. The structure is flexible and can be arranged in different shapes.

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