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The Dwinguler "Music Parade" Sound Mat is interactive! The included "Talking Pen" plays sounds, music and words when held on the Sound Mat's surface. It is bilingual and allows children to learn numbers, letters, animals and objects in a playful way. The children can even play instruments! The standard language setup provided with the "Talking Pen" is English/German. It is possible to obtain the following language versions for download on request: English/French, English/Spanish, English/Russian and English/Chinese.

In addition the Dwinguler Sound Mat features all qualities of a Dwinguler Playmat - it is 15 mm thick & soft, it is an optimal playground for children by protecting them from hard impacts and reducing noise. They also have good thermal isolation qualities. The colourful Playmats are printed double-sided with many different patterns and designs. They can be used in- and outdoors. The anti-slip surface, made out of acrylic and urethane, reduces the spread of bacteria and fungi to a minimum. The inner PVC foam has been developed especially for babies and children to provide optimal cushioning. In addition, the Playmats are easy to clean, and can be used with floor heating. The Dwinguler and BABY CARE Playmats are 100% free of harmful substances and match the European and US toy safety standards. The Dwinguler Sound Mat comes in size L - 2,3m x 1,4m x 15mm and fits exactly into a Dwinguler Castle

"Music Parade" - Let's make sound!

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