kids store

Our kids store offers soft playmats, spacious playpens and modern kids sofas!


The playmats are 15mm (Dwinguler) or 12/13mm (BABY CARE) thick, double-sided and easy to clean. The inner foam was especially developed for children and consists of multiple layers reducing the danger of injuries. The acryl/urethan surface of the playmats is anti-slip and prevents the spread of bacteria. They reduce noise and can be used with floor-heating. All playmats and other products in our kids store fulfil the European and American standards for toy safety.


The Dwinguler playpens are very spacious (2,4 x 1,5m), stable and easy to clean. The edges are rounded, the door is protected by a safety lock. The playpens are 78,3cm high at their peak point. A large Dwinguler playmat fits inside exactly. Our kids store offers 3 different color versions. Additionally you can extend the castle playpen with an extension set.

Kids Sofa

The Dwinguler Kids Sofas complete the offer in our kids store - they are modern, soft, ergonomic and available in 5 different designs.

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